About Us


Our Approach

Epic World is the new age media platform for intelligent net surfers. Our approach to content is minimal and visual. As more and more people are using high bandwidth connections we understand their preference for watching videos and we call these people ‘Video Generation’. A generation which is both consuming and producing videos at a great pace. ‘Epic World’ is a single-stop solution for the Video Generation. A place to engage and learn. Solve puzzles. Exercise your brain and most importantly learn and grow with our audience. We’ll love to hear from you, make changes accordingly and cherish you being part of our journey.


Our Story

We are a family. We have integrated our diverse interests and skills and created this mini yet epic, world.

Meet the Team

Passion & hard work drives us.

Akanksha Kriti

Design & Development

Bachelor in Computer Applications from Punjab Technical University.


Pratiksha Jha


Gold Medalist in Mass Communication from Patna University.



Mayank Kumar

Research & Strategy

Bachelor in Technology from Lovely Professional University.