Roger Federer has been a phenomenon ever since he landed on the Lawn Tennis circuit. No one has inspired so much of awe and admiration from the peers as he has. His rivalry with Rafael Nadal has been the stuff of legends. His play and conduct has got him millions of true fans and followers all over the world. Many people have followed his amazing journey since the beginning. Are you one of them or still a neophyte when it comes to knowing about Roger Federer facts? Find out in this fun Roger Federer quiz!

Roger Federer Quiz

Where was Roger Federer born?

Which was Roger Federer's first Grand Slam?

How many Grand Slams Singles Titles Roger Federer has won?

Which racquet Roger Federer use while playing tennis?

What is Roger Federer Spouse name?

Who did Roger beat to win his first Wimbledon title?

Roger Federer played his first match of Professional tennis against which player?

In which Grand Slams final Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal for the first time?

What is the date of birth of Roger Federer?

Which of the following brand Roger Federer endorsed?

So, how did you score? Share it with your friends and challenge them to beat your score.


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