You must have heard such puzzles before. This interview puzzle is very popular in the early rounds at technical companies and have often been asked at Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung and such MNCs. What interests the interviewer the most is how you approach the problem. So, before you just jump on to reading solution, try it yourself. Doesn’t matter with which bucket you start because it’s really difficult to foresee all the combinations beforehand unless your are Gary Kasparov or Viswanathan Anand.

Amazon Interview Puzzle

You are a milkman and you have a 3 gallon milk bucket and a 5 gallon milk bucket. You also have more than adequate milk in a large tub. A customer arrives who however insist on buying exactly 4 gallons of milk. How would you measure 4 gallons of milk with these 2 milk buckets?

Trivia: This puzzles was asked in the Bruce Willis starrer ‘Die hard with a Vengeance”.

Answer to the Puzzle



Microsoft Interview Puzzle – 25 Horses Puzzle

Have you heard the famous ‘25 horses puzzle’? Here it is.

Given 25 horses, find the best 3 horses, with the minimum number of races. Each race can have only 5 horses.

You don’t have a timer to time the races.

What is the minimum number of races required to find the best 3 horses?

You can find the solution here.

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