Anne Hathaway is one of the highest-paid actress in the world and also ‘a well-grounded friendly young woman with a good sense of humor’. She has received multiple awards including ‘The Oscars’ for best supporting actress. She is known for her movies like ‘The Princess Diaries’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘One Day’, Nolan’s Batman-Series and ‘The Devils Wears Prada’. Here is the Anne Hathaway movies quiz based on her life, movies and TV shows. Play this online Hollywood quiz to check how much you know about catwoman.

Anne Hathaway Movies Quiz

What was Anne Hathaway character's name in "The Devil Wears Prada" (2006)?

What was Anne Hathway's first movie?

Name the movie in which Anne Hathway was cast along with Robert De Niro?

What is the name of movie for which she won the best supporting actress at the Oscars (2013)?

What is Anne Hathaway's middle name?

Which famous English poet wife's name was Anne Hathaway?

What was Anna Hathaway's character name in “The Princess Diaries”?

In which 2006 movie, she stars with Meryl Streep?

What is Anne Hathaway character's name in "Get Smart"?

What was Anne Hathway's first tv show?

Find Real Anne Hathaway in this Hollywood Challenge


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