This puzzle has many variations and is one of the top Apple interview puzzle to be asked. In fact, one of the first thing to do when you are asked a puzzle in the interview is to think; if it is a variation of one of the puzzles that you already know. If yes, that saves you a lot of time but just don’t break into a wide grin to let your interviewer know that you know the answer.

Apple Interview Puzzle – Find the correct labels

So, here is the puzzle.

You love candy and you are given 3 opaque candy jars which contain candies that are either orange or pink. One of them is labeled ‘Orange’, one ‘Pink’ and one ‘Orange + Pink’. Orange jar has only orange candies, pink jar has only pink candies and ‘Orange + Pink’ jar has both orange and pink candies. But, all three of them have been mislabeled. You can take out one candy at a time. What is the minimum number of candies that you need to take out to label all 3 jars correctly.


Answer to the puzzle

Video Explanation 

Microsoft Interview Puzzle – Ants on a triangle

Have you tried the famous ‘3 bugs puzzle’ which has been asked in many top interviews like microsoft and intel. Here it is.

There is an equilateral triangle and three bugs are sitting on the three corners of the triangle. Each of the bugs picks up a random direction and starts walking along the edge of the equilateral triangle.

What is the probability that none of the bugs crash into each other?

You can find the solution here.

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