This is the list of Top Ten French Comedy Movies. This list is based on ratings and votes on IMDb and many forum and blog answers.


For those who master french perfectly, Oscar is one of the greatest comedy ever, full of typically french humor, wordplay, double messages and misunderstandings. To see “Oscar” is to understand what made De Funès one of the best comic actors ever. He should have won an Oscar for this “Oscar”!


What’s the point of being honest if honest people are chastised. ‘The Story of a Cheat’ focuses on the life of a charming scoundrel. It’s shot with actual little dialog and instead features a witty voice-over, who tells the story in an amusing way with a pleasant pace.


Amélie is a modern day fairy tale. A wonderful story about Amélie who decides to help people around her, making them happy. Not by doing great big things or giving money, but by little things. The surrealistic screenplay is stunning and it is impossible not falling in love for the character performed by the expressive Audrey Tautou.


The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob’ came out in France in 1973, and did so well that it was put into release (with subtitles) in the US. The premise is the typical switched identities, coincidental mixups, innocent man being chased, plots of the genre, but what makes this one sublime is the unbelievably rubber face and spot-on timing of De Funes, backed up by a good supporting cast, decent script and excellent direction.


The Dinner Game’ is about a group of rather cruel friends, who have fun by organizing dinners in which they invite idiots and get amused by them. The winner is the one who will bring the biggest idiot. This is a movie that will make you laugh, but in fact, it will also make you think; behind the fun, the film conveys a very humane and meaningful message.


With 20.2 million viewers, ‘Welcome to the Sticks’ is the most successful French film in France. It’s not a deep film, but nor is it pretentious.  If you like cross-cultural fish-out-of-water movies such as My Big, Fat Greek Wedding, you’re going to love this story of a postmaster who gets reassigned to the apparently misunderstood northern region of France, and how lives change accordingly.


Tati’s Oscar-winning movie, ‘Mon Oncle’ has often been criticized for being the most conventional of his films. The theme of ‘Mon Oncle’ is the inability of one man to adapt to new technology. The slapstick sequences that result from the clash of man versus machine are more amusing than truly hilarious. This movie’s influence can be seen on the works of Mister Bean.


With 8.8 million moviegoers, The Intouchables was the most successful film in Germany in 2012. Intouchables is a true story of Philippe ,a rich aristocrat who is paralyzed from neck down and Driss, an unemployed man coming from a poverty stricken family. It could have been an intense drama movie, but the directors usage of comedy made it stand out from other similar stories.


La Grande Vadrouille’ was seen by 17 million people in France, a box-office record in that country until Titanic. It appeals to young and old, French-speaking and non-French speaking. It is simply hilarious. Starring the famous Bourvil and Louis de Funes tandem, it is a highly entertaining caper set in World War 2 German-occupied France, where these 2 unlikely heroes reluctantly must help some downed British airmen to escape.

And One.

Playtime is a movie that leads the viewer where it feels like going. It has it’s own rhythm and path. Don’t see this film on TV. The quality of this film is in the small details. In some scenes, you just don’t know where to look because so much is happening at once. Tati so radically deconstructs space and depth within a film that it is almost unrecognizable: Spielberg doesn’t have this level of craftsmanship, and not even Kubrick ever did. Virtually dialogue-free and sprightly paced, “Playtime” works on nearly any possible level.

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