Dev Anand Saab, along with Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor is one of the pillars of the golden age of Bollywood. His energy and zest for life made him work through ages and got him the tag of ‘evergreen star’. An actor, writer, director and producer, his contribution to the Hindi film industry has been immense. He wrote 13 films, directed 19 movies and produced 35 movies. This vintage Bollywood quiz┬áis based on 10 such wonderful Dev Anand facts and trivia. Can you answer them? let’s find out!

Classic Quiz on Dev Anand Facts

when and where was Dev Anand born?

What was the original name of Dev Anand?

In which city Dev Anand completed his schooling and college?

Which movie was his Bollywood debut?

Dev Anand had the longest career in the world as a lead actor. Guess his years as lead actor.

Who was Dev Anand's wife?

Dev Anand won the best actor Filmfare award twice. What were the movies?

What was his nickname?

Which actor and famous director was his best friend?

Dev Anand died on which date?

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