Solve famous interview puzzles and questions. They have been asked in the interviews of top companies like Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple and Microsoft. Learn the answer with detailed explanations.

Google Interview Questionvideo

Google Interview Question : Number Sequence Puzzle

This sequence puzzle was asked in the aptitude test for google. It is a popular interview question and has been asked in many other...
Google interview probability questions

Google Interview | Simple Probability Questions

Google is one of the top tech companies and if you want to improve your probability of working there, you really need to have...
liar and truth teller riddle

Brain Teaser: Liar and Truth Teller Riddle

This liar and truth teller riddle is one of the best brain teaser based on liar's paradox. There is a group of liars and...

Google Interview Question | 25 Horses Puzzle

25 horses puzzle is a very popular brain teaser and have been asked in many top interviews such as Google and Amazon. The puzzle is...
tricky interview questionsvideo

Microsoft Interview Puzzle : Who will you save?

This is a tricky interview question and is a favorite among the interviewers who want to see beyond your logical and analytical skills. The...
Interview Puzzles with answers

Common Interview Puzzles with Answers

A list of some of the most famous and common interview puzzles with answers. These have been asked in technical interviews at top tech companies.
Apple Interview Puzzle

Apple Interview Puzzle – 3 Mislabeled Jars

This puzzle has many variations and is one of the top Apple interview puzzle to be asked. In fact, one of the first thing...

Microsoft Interview Question : 3 Bugs Puzzle

3 bugs problem was made famous by being frequently asked in Microsoft interviews. The problem goes like this. There is an equilateral triangle and three...

Samsung Interview Question : 8 Brothers Puzzle

The puzzle goes like this. There is an old house where there is no electricity, no computers or any any other gadget. 8 brothers live here. On...

Microsoft Interview Question | Which Box has Defective Balls?

Defective ball in the box is again a very popular puzzle and has been asked in many top interviews. You have 10 boxes that contains...
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