The Avengers are on a roll and the fans are lapping up each of the offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Infinity Wars has taken the box-office by storm after a promotional blitzkrieg. But the plethora of the superheroes can be sometimes a bit confusing. With the stories and origin being interwoven together we thought it would be wise to test a little knowledge about ‘The Avengers’. Go ahead and try this fun Avengers quiz for the beginners.

Avengers Quiz for Beginners

Captain America's shield is made up of which material?

What is Black Widow's real name?

What is the name of Artificial Intelligent System developed by Iron Man?

What is Hulk's real name?

Who brought the Avengers together?

What does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for?

Who is the first Avenger in the following?

Which actor played Thanos in Avengers Infinity War?

What is the name of director who also acted in Iron Man?

Thor is the Prince of......

So, how did you fare? Share you results and find out if your friends can do better than you.

Guess the Avengers from the Emoji

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