Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers on Words, Phrases, Sequence, Maths and Science

What is Mary plus Mary - Rebus - Riddles

11 Rebus Puzzles – Part 1

Part 1 of the new rebus puzzles series. Solve it in either unlimited or limited time format. How many can you solve?
What is B10 - rebus - riddle

11 Rebus Puzzles to Tease Your Brain – Part 2

11 more brain teasing rebus puzzles. How many of these can you solve?
Guess Most Famous Brands

7 Visual Puzzles: Can you guess these Brands?

How much you know about brands? Can you guess these famous brands based on the visual cues? Try these 7 fun puzzles!
100 best classic riddles - what am I

Top 100 Short Riddles with Hidden Answers – Epic IQ

We all love solving good old riddles. They are fun, helps develop logic and reasoning skills, and are great icebreakers. This post is a...
What is Little Little Late Late - rebus - riddle

11 Rebus Puzzles to Test Your Intuitive Skills – Part 3

11 more Rebus puzzles to challenge your logical and intuitive skills. Part 3 of the visual puzzle series!
Guess the missing numbers in the pyramid

7 Number Series Puzzles for the Genius in You – 1

Solve these 7 sequence puzzles based on the number series. Get in touch with the genius in you.
Rebus - Hearted - riddles

11 Rebus Puzzles to Ask Your Friends – Part 4

11 more rebus puzzles to share with your friends. How many of these can you solve?
number series questions for fresher jobs

Number Series Questions for Fresher Jobs

Number series questions for fresher jobs are quite popular in the campus or walk-in interviews. They are a staple feature in various bank PO...
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