Back in the late 80s, Malgudi Days took us to a magical unseen India with its rustic charm in full display. That was the golden era of Doordarshan with TV serials like Nukkad, Hum Log, Buniyaad and Byomkesh Bakshi. Relive that DD nostalgia with this Malgudi Days and find out how much your memories have remained faithful!

Malgudi Days: Doordarshan TV Quiz

When was the original TV series made?

In which year was Malgudi Days telecast on Doordarshan National?

Who made the illustrations for this TV series?

Malgudi Days was directed by which famous Kannada actor and director?

What role did Girish Karnad play in Swami and Friends?

In 2004 Malgudi Days was revived by which director?

Most of the series was shot in Agumbu village in Shimoga district. Where is it?

In which year was the book Swami and Friends published?

Who composed the music for Malgudi Days?

Who played the role of child Swami?

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