The old Golmaal movie by the veteran director Hrishikesh Mukherjee is not just a comedy classic but a sub-genre of its own. The movie which started as a spoof on the growing trend of twins in Bollywood took a life of its own. There is hardly any Hindi movies lover who hasn’t watched this movie a zillion times and with each viewing we discover new hidden comedy gems. So, try this old Golmaal movie quiz and find out how uch you know about the facts and trivia related to this comedy classic.

Old Golmaal Movie Quiz

Which movie often used song 'Sab Golmaal Hai' in its story-telling?

What was the name of Urmila's Buaji?

Who wrote the dialogues of Golmaal movie?

Which Rohit Shetty movie was an adaptation of old Golmaal movie?

Which Bengali movie inspired Hrishikesh Mukherjee to make Golmaal?

Which of these dishes Bhavani Shankar did not mention in his dialogue, "Sirf Aloo ka parantha kyun Beta, tujhe to mai .... khilaunga"?

Amol Palekar makes a reference to which International singer?

Gol Maal was released in which year?

Which Bollywood superstar played a cameo in the movie?

What were the names of Srivastava sisters (as told by Ramprasad's acting mother to Bhavani Shankar)?

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