Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Math Jokes

Math Jokes & Riddles – 1

11 Math jokes and riddles to kill the boredom. How many of these can you solve?
Interview Puzzles with answersvideo

Google Interview Question : Red & Blue Marbles Puzzle

This is again a probability based puzzle which has been asked in the interviews of many top companies. You have 50 red marbles, 50 blue...
solve rebus puzzles 1

11 Rebus Puzzles – Part 1

Part 1 of the new rebus puzzles series. Solve it in either unlimited or limited time format. How many can you solve?
tricky interview questionsvideo

Microsoft Interview Puzzle : Who will you save?

This is a tricky interview question and is a favorite among the interviewers who want to see beyond your logical and analytical skills. The...

10 Word Puzzles for Kids with Answers – 1

This is part 1 of the compilation of some fun and clever word puzzles for kids. These are some famous riddles so if you...
guess the brand - rebus puzzle -1

7 Visual Puzzles: Can you guess these Brands?

How much you know about brands? Can you guess these famous brands based on the visual cues? Try these 7 fun puzzles!

Microsoft Interview Question | Which Box has Defective Balls?

Defective ball in the box is again a very popular puzzle and has been asked in many top interviews. You have 10 boxes that contains...
visual and word puzzles for kids - 2

11 Rebus Puzzles to Tease Your Brain – Part 2

11 more brain teasing rebus puzzles. How many of these can you solve?

Samsung Interview Question : 8 Brothers Puzzle

The puzzle goes like this. There is an old house where there is no electricity, no computers or any any other gadget. 8 brothers live here. On...
solve visual puzzles - part 4

11 Rebus Puzzles to Ask Your Friends – Part 4

11 more rebus puzzles to share with your friends. How many of these can you solve?
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