Math Jokes

Math Jokes & Riddles – 1

11 Math jokes and riddles to kill the boredom. How many of these can you solve?

Samsung Interview Question : 8 Brothers Puzzle

The puzzle goes like this. There is an old house where there is no electricity, no computers or any any other gadget. 8 brothers live here. On...
Interview Puzzles with answersvideo

Google Interview Question : Red & Blue Marbles Puzzle

This is again a probability based puzzle which has been asked in the interviews of many top companies. You have 50 red marbles, 50 blue...
number series questions for fresher jobs

Number Series Questions for Fresher Jobs

Number series questions for fresher jobs are quite popular in the campus or walk-in interviews. They are a staple feature in various bank PO...

11 Riddles for Kids with Answers – 2

This is part 2 of the compilation of some fun and clever riddles for kids. These are some famous riddles so if you are...
tricky interview questionsvideo

Microsoft Interview Puzzle : Who will you save?

This is a tricky interview question and is a favorite among the interviewers who want to see beyond your logical and analytical skills. The...
Google Interview Questionvideo

Google Interview Question : Number Sequence Puzzle

This sequence puzzle was asked in the aptitude test for google. It is a popular interview question and has been asked in many other...
Brand Rebus Puzzle Thumb

7 Visual Puzzles: Can you guess these Brands?

How much you know about brands? Can you guess these famous brands based on the visual cues? Try these 7 fun puzzles!

10 Word Puzzles for Kids with Answers – 1

This is part 1 of the compilation of some fun and clever word puzzles for kids. These are some famous riddles so if you...

Microsoft Interview Question : 3 Bugs Puzzle

3 bugs problem was made famous by being frequently asked in Microsoft interviews. The problem goes like this. There is an equilateral triangle and three...
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