Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rebus Puzzles

Original and innovative rebus puzzles to test your logic, intuitive and imagination skills. They are great to share with your friends, share on whatsapp and to have fun at get together and small parties.

solve rebus puzzles 1

11 Rebus Puzzles – Part 1

Part 1 of the new rebus puzzles series. Solve it in either unlimited or limited time format. How many can you solve?
visual and word puzzles for kids - 2

11 Rebus Puzzles to Tease Your Brain – Part 2

11 more brain teasing rebus puzzles. How many of these can you solve?
guess the brand - rebus puzzle -1

7 Visual Puzzles: Can you guess these Brands?

How much you know about brands? Can you guess these famous brands based on the visual cues? Try these 7 fun puzzles!
rebus visual puzzles 3

11 Rebus Puzzles to Test Your Intuitive Skills – Part 3

11 more Rebus puzzles to challenge your logical and intuitive skills. Part 3 of the visual puzzle series!
solve visual puzzles - part 4

11 Rebus Puzzles to Ask Your Friends – Part 4

11 more rebus puzzles to share with your friends. How many of these can you solve?
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