“Age of daughters’ is again a very famous interview puzzle and has been asked in top interviews for ages. This Samsung interview puzzle tests your ability to identify the possible solutions and eliminate the incorrect ones, step by step.

Samsung Interview Puzzle

Sundar makes a visit to Satya’s house. They were not in touch for a long time. As they get talking, Satya keeps referring to his daughters. From his talk Sundar is able to guess that he has 3 daughters. After a while, Sundar asks the age of his daughters.

Satya doesn’t want to make it too easy for Sundar so he gives Sundar a hint.

“The product of their ages is 72.”

Sundar thinks hard and then concludes that this is not adequate information.

Satya gives Sundar another hint.

“The sum of his daughter’s ages is equal to the age of Sundar’s only son”.

Sundar maintains that he still does not have sufficient information.

What is the age of Sundar’s son?

At this point, Satya gives him third hint.

“His youngest daughter’s name is Anita!”

Sundar immediately tells the age of his 3 daughters. Can you find out their ages now?

Solution to the puzzle


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