Vocabulary quizzes are one of the best way to learn new words and remember them. This GRE vocabulary practice test includes words from the previous GRE questions and use images and full sentences to make it more interesting and useful. While the best way to learn a new word remains finding them in a new context and deciphering their meaning on their own, these practice test are helpful when you want to learn it quickly or revise the words that you have learnt recently.

So, here is the first GRE vocabulary practice quiz from the ‘epicworld’

Which word best describes this image?

Lasting a short time like a fly that lives for one day.

As this lifestyle has become more common, the demand for furniture has also grown.

characterized by sitting! Not much physically active.


Abscond is to escape, often taking something along.

Which word best describes this image?

Something that is done in secret. Clandestine intelligence operations.

To spread negative information about ...

Spread nasty stories about someone, whether true or not.


Give up authority, duties or obligations.

to prove to be right

to justify, prove, or reinforce an idea, or to absolve from guilt.

What if you steal public funds for your own private use ...

commit fraud and steal from one's employer

What word comes to your mind on seeing this image?

A flamboyant deceiver. One who attracts customers with tricks or jokes.

transparent; clear in meaning ...

easily understandable


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