Tom Cruise is a very famous actor worldwide. He is known for his role in movies like mission impossible, top gun, minority report and Jerry McGuire. Here are some Tom Cruise quiz questions based upon his life and movies. Play this online Hollywood quiz to check out how much you know about Tom Cruise, the man for whom everything is possible.

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Who directed Tom in "Rain Man"?

"Born On The Fourth of July" describes the life of a veteran of what war?

Which movie co-starred Nicole Kidman?

Just want to serve my country to be the best pilot in the Navy, sir." which movie dialogue..

Tom Cruise is his stage name. What was his name at birth?

What was the nickname of Tom Cruise’s character in "Top Gun"?

Which one of these actresses was Tom Cruise's first wife?

In what film did Tom Cruise make his big-screen debut?

Tom Cruise played a lawyer in The Firm, which was based on a novel by what author?

Tom received his first Academy Award nomination for which film?

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