Where do words come from? English has largely borrowed the words from older languages and it’s genius has been that it has made those words it’s own. Here we have made a quiz of 10 questions asking the language of origin of these ‘foreign words used in English’. You can make a close guess about English words like ‘Karaoke’, ‘Ballet’, ‘Pundit’ but many of them have gelled so well with it that it’s really hard to guess their language of origin as you’ll find in this vocab quiz. Also these sort of vocabulary activities, like associating little interesting trivia with them, will help you to improve vocabulary easily.

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unstoppable; when early European visitors witnessed the 'Jagannath' chariot being pulled by thousands of devotees. Often some religious fanatics would throw themselves in front of the chariot but it could not be stopped because of it's huge momentum.


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literally "children's garden"


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plural of paparazzo, the name of a character in the film 'La Dolce Vita'


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embaraçar (same meaning; also to tangle - string or rope)


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paṟaiyar; a social outcast


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kê-chiap; brine of pickled fish


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al-kohl; very fine powder


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taikun; great prince


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