Are you a big fan of Will smith and have seen most of the Will Smith movies like ‘Collateral Beauty’, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and ‘Focus’. In this Will Smith online quiz, we ask 10 trivia questions on the life and works of this Hollywood star. Try this quiz to test your knowledge of Hollywood movies.

Will Smith Online Quiz

Where was Will Smith born?

What was Will Smith's net worth as per a 2014 report?

What was Will Smith's rapper name?

What was Will Smith job, before being called upon to save the earth in "Independence Day"?  

Which one of these films stars Will Smith ?

What is Will Smith Spouse name?

Which animated movie did Will Smith star in?

Which actor played opposite Will Smith in "Bad Boys"?

Will Smith known for his role in which TV series?

What is Will Smith full name?

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